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Roshi Expeditions

Roshi Expeditions is a top Tanzanian tour operator, an operator with experience, expertise & most importantly your best interest at heart having offices in Moshi. At Roshi Expeditions we are passionate about exploring life through travel therefore create custom made adventurous journey’s to meet your expectations, ensuring an experience that match days and hours of yearning about your tour.

Why Roshi Expeditions


We’ve been operating safaris in Tanzania for many years. We know the best locations for wildlife sightseeing, we are deeply committed to conservation, and we’ll get you where you need to go every time.

Luxury Safaris

We’re committed to providing you with quality, high-end safaris that fulfill your adventurous spirit. We’ll take care of all logistics and sure you have the experience of a lifetime.


Our guides are highly trained, professionals, knowledgeable about wildlife and conservation and meticulous about safety

Our Vision

Our company specializes in offering professional high quality and friendly personalized service in travel care that meets and exceeds our esteemed Customers’ expectations. We offer a wide range of travel and tour products, covering domestic and international markets catering to all needs from individual travelers to small groups and large groups.

Our Mission

Our mission and vision has been to always to provide environmental friendly a with wide range of safaris so that guests can experience the wonders of Tanzania’s nature, we do offer the full range of safari experiences. From top-end luxury to adventure camping, all of our tours are guided and catered by our experienced and highly trained staff.

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Creating moments that last a lifetime